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Down to the last of it!

Thanks to your great support the Archangel Incense is nearly closed out!
I am offering the remaining stock at 50% OFF!
It's going very fast so if you would like some before it is gone this is your last chance!
This particular brand of incense is nearly impossible to get here in the states,
I used to import it but can not get it anymore.
If you can not make it to the next event, please feel free to contact me about getting some to you via the postal service! Angel Blessings, Deni

Deni Welcome!

The Angels offer us their everlasting love and support, watching over us, guiding our footsteps with the care of a parent. They do this often through a veil of invisibility, which we call "dimensions". However, on occasion they make their presence known to us, sometimes even through us, to the entire world.

I hope this site provides inspiration, direction and strength.. because you are an integral part of our journey into wholeness and ultimately our ascension. Namaste!

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Relinquish Your Fears

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"There is nothing which does not already belong to you, for you are given ALL."

- Archangel Uriel

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